What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the practice of using the power of suggestion to bring about positive change in clients or patients who are under hypnosis. A hypnotherapist will meet with a client before performing hypnosis and discuss medical history, ailments and goals for treatment. Because a client’s subconscious mind is more open to suggestions from a hypnotherapist, they are more likely to accept a therapist’s words and advice during the hypnotherapy session, which can be the catalyst for positive change.

The Hypnotherapy Lotus

Success Rate

  • 38%


  • 72%

    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • 93%


Do you have an issue you can’t seem to get past? Maybe a reoccurring illness, and no matter what you do, and how healthy you try to eat, it just will not go away? You follow all the health tips you can get your hands on, & you exercise but still the issue just won’t budge? That’s because 90% of all illnesses are caused by emotional trauma or past hurts and emotional pain, this actually means that 90% of all illness is caused by OUR OWN MINDS.

You’ve probably heard this before and are thinking… Nonsense, I don’t want this illness I want to be rid of it. And I totally understand. But although this can be a difficult thing to wrap our heads around, it’s really quite simple to explain. Our minds are always trying to protect us, their job is to keep us alive on the planet for as long as possible, and they do this by keeping us away from danger and steering us instead towards pleasure. They do this based on the words and thoughts that you tell it repeatedly. Your mind doesn’t know the difference between right or wrong, good or bad, it just trusts what you tell it implicitly, and takes the words you say and the thoughts you think and acts appropriately, in your best interest 100% of the time. But the problem is some of us are still running on old programs from our past. What worked to keep us safe 10 years ago is usually no longer necessary anymore. The danger has passed.

The power of the subconscious mind

So in our day to day lives, our minds are running on what we already know, and our beliefs, for instance you can be making breakfast without consciously thinking about it, you are on automatic pilot which gives your conscious mind chance to think about other things. The same with driving, you don’t have to think with your conscious mind how to do it, because your subconscious mind takes over. Did you ever wonder if you forgot to lock your front door, or turn your cooker off. We all do these things and that’s because we automatically do them naturally with our subconscious minds. Most of the time we did lock the door and turn the cooker off. We simply can’t remember doing it because our subconscious mind did it all automatically for us. Now this is great if all the programming we picked up throughout our lifetime is serving us. But what if you picked up negative programming in your childhood? Or at some point in your past? This is where things can start to get complicated in your life. As you react emotionally from your past programming and beliefs. Now imagine that a whopping 85% of the brain Is run from our subconscious mind! Now you know how important it is to have this part of your mind working for you. Rather than you reacting to it with outdated programming that is no longer serving you. In fact it’s impacting your life in a consistent and negative manner. But don’t worry. The power is all in your hands because the amazing thing about the subconscious mind is it’s very pliable if you mould it in a specific way. You see your subconscious mind will let in any belief that you tell it. It doesn’t know the difference between right or wrong, good or bad, true or false, it will just take whatever you tell it and accept it. So it’s absolutely possible to let go of all those outdated beliefs you accepted. And completely rewire your brain with specific new beliefs that will help to land you the life of your dreams! We can change “many” of those limiting beliefs in just 1 hypnotherapy session. Or 1-3 if they are deep rooted beliefs and for maximum success.

About Myself

Hi I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Sharon Schroeder. I was previously a yoga teacher  and came to hypnotherapy in a desire for self improvement, (the same reason I was drawn to yoga), and a fascination of understanding the mind and how it works, how it acts and reacts. I truly believe that having a healthy mind, body, and soul is what we all need, deserve and desire.  You could say I’m obsessed with self improvement in a healthy way! And I am looking forward to taking you on a journey to becoming your best self. I want you to realise that you matter, you are worthy and you are enough, and through my hypnotherapy session we will go right to the root cause of your issue, to discover exactly what’s been holding you back for all these years, we will help you to understand how you got that belief, and help you to let it go forever while rewiring your mind with far healthier beliefs which are much more closer to the truth about who you REALLY are. Which is a unique complex beautiful soul who absolutely deserves happiness. And to be living a life without unnecessary stress and anxiety but instead filled with joy abundance confidence love happiness and fulfillment.

Here is a list of just some of the things I can help you with And it is all available to and for you to help you live a happier healthier life.


    • Eradicate cancer naturally
    • Eliminate over thinking/negative thought process and control your emotions
    • Eliminate unnecessary stress & anxiety
    • Be your confident best self with high self esteem
    • Eliminate eating disorders
    • Attract a  loving relationship
    • Create a healthy, happy love relationship
    • Achieve financial success
    • Believe that you are enough and worthy
    • Shed excess weight effortlessly
    • Improve your memory and concentration
    • Acing exams without stress
    • Pass your driving test with ease
    • Get pregnant without IVF
    • Have a healthy, happy pregnancy
    • Have an easy, happy birth
    • Sleeping effortlessly through the night
    • Improve your eyesight
    • Improve your Public speaking skills

My Way of Approaching Hypnotherapy

We are conscious of only 5% of our activity, that means that a whopping 95% of our actions and reactions are running on old outdated programs, programs that may have served us at 5, 7, 10 or 12 years old, but are only sabotaging us greatly now. So what do we say ok, I’ll just do some positive thinking, but which mind runs our thinking? Are you going to access the subconscious mind that’s running 95% of your life ? No positive thinking alone is working with that tiny 5% of your conscious mind.. So in my hypnotherapy session I will take you back to the root cause of your issue, we will connect to your subconscious mind which has all the answers, which knows exactly what is going on, and we will look at what happened and see it from a more enlightened perspective after gaining new clarification and understanding. This makes it very easy to re frame it and then let it go forever. Then after a few powerfully healing techniques, we then begin to rewire your mind for optimum health, success & happiness. I’m excited to start your transformation!



We Provide Coaching Sessions


Another great thing about our hypnotherapy session – is that in today’s fast paced world, people don’t have time to waste going to therapy every week – for years and years and decades on end, only to talk about their feelings, going round and around in circles – and yet nothing is really happening, improving, or changing. In one session with me you will have a great release, a big shift in your consciousness and many people find they only need one session. The impact is that profound and healing. Others like one or two more sessions for optimum results – to be their best selves. Each individual is unique so you can choose what is right for you after the first session. Each session is around 2 hours long. I cannot give a specific duration, so it’s always best to book a good 3 hours out, basically it takes as long as it takes. No more and no less. But in one session you will have a big shift, and the beginning of the changing of your mind. I will be giving you a recording to listen to for the next month – to rewire and reprogram your mind – and your thinking. It is imperative that you listen to this recording daily, if you want to see the shift that we are aiming for to happen. This is where you have to do your part, and make a commitment to changing your own mind forever. For maximum success. But don’t worry it’s not hard, you will love & enjoy listening to your recording. And with each listen, you are rewiring your mind – your life, and new beliefs will be integrated with each listening. If you are curious to learn more or have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to call me or email me on

Let’s  book you in -and begin the best of your life! I’m excited to start working with you!


For Appointment, please enter your email and I’ll contact you so we can have a discovery call to find out your issue & have a chat with me about it. We can then see if you are a good fit for coaching and working together with me to resolve your issues and give you the freedom to live your best life! The life you totally deserve!